What people are saying about us

 “Jon Rodde, of Rodde Construction, built our dream house. It is a unique house, and required an experienced, knowledgeable builder. Jon is very good at what he does. He keeps abreast of a rapidly changing and improving building industry, and the newest technology. He has a network of craftspeople who are all skilled, dependable, and in demand. His own team of workers is honest, hardworking, and obviously loyal to Jon.
Working with Jon for over eighteen months has been a pleasure, and fun. He is honest, always polite and kind, and confident that everything will work out. And it did. Throughout he kept a close eye on our budget, and saved us money whenever it was possible and prudent, but he never compromised quality. We enjoyed his good sense of design. He always explained his thinking and was more than open to our design ideas. Discussing these ideas with him helped us a lot. He is open to new ideas, but also firm when practical consideration demands it. Jon always had our best interest at heart.
Thanks to Jon, building our dream house has been an exciting and pleasurable experience, and every day we appreciate and love it. We are very grateful for all the hard work Jon put into creating it.”

-Residential Client, January 2018


“We use Jon for renovation projects ranging from 8-unit communities to 40-unit properties. Our projects mostly consist of renovation work, and Jon has always been honest, prompt, and organized. Jon combines creative problem-solving with expertise, crucial qualities for a renovation project. We have been very happy with the results of our projects with Jon, and we trust that he will always deliver quality work.
Our company has worked with Jon for over 9 years now for renovation projects, and we have not been disappointed. We know that Jon brings so much value to every job we have partnered with him on, and we look forward to more projects in the future.”

-Commercial Client, January 2018